Awareness public movement programmes man indulge in bad habits for number of reasons. To pose outstandingness among the equals, to escape from tensions, and for fun people indulge in bad habits. Awarness programmes are need of the hour to eradicate alcoholism practice, not only from the family limit, but from entire society, are to be taken up in a style and manner of public movement. The worst consequences of the result which possess danger to the human social life from the practices of liquer consumption, Gutka chewing, smoking tobacco, etc etc and the result of Globle research reports are to be unvield to the door steps of the people and the general public area alerted and awareness are created by the Jana Jagruthi vedike Awareness is created among the public through simple reach out programmes to the people. Home visit, street play, awareness procession, womens conventions, oath takings to students at campus programme inorder to stand with healthy society, information workshop, projection of movies etc are the media to create awareness to eradicate the evil habits in the society. The result out of then programmes were tremendous and people voluntarily started participating in the programmes, moreover people started propogating the message of the Vedike to their co citizens.