Navajeevan Samiti is an association of de-addictions, this samithi is to lookafter that the beneficiaries of the camp shall not repeat their evil practices and to vigil their members to establish a new life by renouncing the practive of alcoholism. De-additions shall be made into rehabilitation and to lead then to a progressive life. Carry and conduct relief for the de-adictors life and to encourage then to promote and propogate de addiction among their co-citizens of the place, are the activities of the Nava Jeevana samithi.

A total of 3,107 Navajeevana Samithi is formed and functioning the task each includes 10 to 30 members. A weekly meet is arranged to discuss the progress, also includes, Bhajana, Prayer, Group activities exchange of experience., disclosing their  biography, progressive thinking and guidance etc etc are to be discussed in the meet.

Recognition : Karnataka State Psychtrist Association awarded ‘Spandana Prashasthi 1999-2000 felicitation to Jana Jagruthi Vedike is a treamondous encouragement to Vedike. Moreover, ordinance issued on prohibition of liquer in the Belthangady Taluk during the period 1994-95 and Prohibition of higher status by the Govt. Karnataka in the year 2006 are developments is victory to the activities of the Vedike. A special award ‘Samyama Prashasthi’ 2011-12 felicitation by Karntaka State consumption of liquar control Board granted to Dr. D Veerendra Hegde Hon’ble chairman of the Vedike is a state sanctioning for the effective activities of the Vedike.

Volunteers: An alerted community people are the assets of the Vedike. Office beares from Village, Zonal, taluk and District Vedike motivated from Dr Heggade are voluentarily strivingssssss and co-operating to build a healthy society. Voluenteers of Sri. Kshetra Dharmashala Rural Devolopment programmes ae  backing these activities. Generally to speak, thousands of people are involved in the activities of the Vedike constitute the Vedike belongs to the public.