Ananda Poojary UdupiMr. Ananda Poojary son of Kempa Poojary of Kajuru, Bydabettu in Udupi district joined the 524th de-addiction camp at Sri Narayanaguru Hall, Kokkarne. As a result of the treatment in the camp, he gave up liquor for ever and now lives a happy life.
He had started drinking liquor in the company of friends at a young age of 18. He used to fall on the wayside being fully drunk. He had sold all the jewellery and household things to get money for his drinking. His wife persuaded him to join the camp. Now, he has become completely free from the addiction. He has built a new house at a cost of Rs. 8 lakh and is educating his children. He is very happy that his son Mr. Manjunath has got first place in the state level Volleyball tournament. He is the vice –president of the 34th Kudi Union. He serves as a member of the SDMC and president of the New Life Committee.
He has bought all things of comfort for his house. As a tile-fitter he earns enough money to lead a comfortable life. He has bought insurance for all members of his family. Whenever de-addiction camps are held in his district, he serves as a volunteer and narrates his experiences and success story to the campers. He persuaded six of his friends to join the camp and got them free from liquor addiction.

Ganesh VirajpeteMr. P.M. Ganesh of T Shettigere village in Virajpet Taluk of Kodagu was a slave to excessive drinking. His family had come to the street. He had sold his land and his house and even tried to commit suicide. He would listen to nobody. However, the local people persuaded him to join 472nd de-addiction camp. His wife remembers the good deed with gratitude. Now, he has given up liquor, bought a motorcycle and an autorikshaw. With the ambition of being self-employed, he has opened a hotel. He has also bought 3.5 acre land and has developed coffee and pepper cultivation. He says he is now happy and earns up to Rs. 4000/ a day. Whenever a de-addiction camp is organized in his district, he serves as a volunteer. His great achievement is that he has admitted 62 people to the camp.

Eshwar shettySri Ishwara Shetty of Ichlampady, Puttur Taluk of D.K.district had been a liquor addict for 20 years. The efforts of his family to make him give up the habit had not succeeded. They were in distress. Then, the 392nd de-addiction camp held at Ayyappa Mandira, Nelyadi came to their rescue.
Now, he has bought an autorikshaw, and does other jobs also. He is progressing economically and has bought a motorcycle, repaired his house, bought jewellery and is giving good education to his children. He was shocked to find his son drinking under the influence of his friends. He admitted him to the de-addiction camp and got him changed. At present both father and son are members of the same New Life Committee. They say that the de-addiction camp has brightened their house.

Manjunatha ChennagiriMr. Manjunath, son of Chennappa of Nallur village, Chennagiri Taluk, Davanagere district was working as barber after completing Pre university education. He used to spend all his earning for drinking and merry-making with his friends on holidays. He lived a miserable life neglecting his family. Drinking, quarrelling, falling by the way-side had become his routine. His family used to be ashamed of him. Nobody cared for him and nobody gave him a job.
He was not being invited to the functions in the community. He was reduced to the position of begging for money to drink. In such a situation, the local people with a lot of persuasion, admitted him to the 756th de-addiction camp at Mullusagara.
Now, he is de-addicted and has set up his own hair-dressing shop at an investment of Rs. 1.5 lakh. He has also purchased jewellery to his wife and visits the Kshetra twice a year. He leads a happy life.

N R RavishankarMr. N.R.Ravishankar of Nonavinakere, Thipatur taluk of Tumkur district participated in the 578th de-addiction camp held in the premises of Rambhapuri Mutt’s School at K.B. Cross and has completely given up drinking.
Formerly, he was working as a cleaner at a hotel in Bengaluru and rose to the position of a cook. But he used to spend all his earnings on drink. He used to go home rarely and neglected his family. Being distressed and disappointed, his wife died. He drank still more making this an excuse.
The local people persuaded him to get admitted to the de-addiction camp and thus helped him to change his mind. Now, he is a changed man. He gas purchased a site and built a house as well as set up a shop at an investment of Rs. 20 lakh. He has remarried and lives happily with his wife. He is grateful to Shree Kshetra.

Kari GowdaMr. Karigowda son of Mr. Shivana Gowda and Smt. Parvathamma of Amaragol village, Navalagund Taluk, Dharawad district joined the 562nd de-addiction camp at Hurakadli Ajja Kalyana Kendra and has been living a liquor- free life for the last 3 years.
He had started drinking for fun from a very young age. It became an addiction later on. Though he got married and had children, he felt no responsibility and continued his habit of drinking. Then he got admitted to the de-addiction camp at Navalagund. Dr. Heggade paid a visit to the camp and addressed the participants and blessed them. Dr. Heggade’s words touched his heart and he changed his mind. He brought 11 more people to join the camps in the nearby places and brought a change in their life too. He has bought a motorcycle for his use and saved money. He has decided to build a new house at an expense of Rs. 7 lakh.