SKDRDP in its experience has found that addiction to liquor is a major bane for poor people.  To wean away the working class from liquor SKDRDP in support from the public has promoted ‘Jana Jagruthi’ a movement against alcoholism.  Under this programme awareness is created through village meets, house to house canvas, jathas and community de- addiction camps against alcoholism. In the de-addiction camps addicts are treated and counseled.  This is one of the more successful social initiatives of SKDRDP.

Implementation of the integrated family development plan motivated by SKDRDP has lead to significant rise in income of beneficiary families as evidenced by increase in their purchasing power. A rough estimate put the increase in resources among the beneficiary families to a staggering Rs. 100 Crores during the period of a decade.  The development becomes retrograde if this money were to be used for consumption if intoxicants. However, this was what precisely happened once the purchasing power of the people increased.  In order to educate, create awareness among the gullible public and motivate them to desist alcohol a movement was launched by the people in the year 1991 and was aptly named “Jana Jagruthi” meaning peoples awareness.